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Help to stay safe and healthy

We offer help to keep you healthy and safe.

Contact one of our  or One Point family centres and hubs for more information about the support we provide and the courses we run. 

Help during and after pregnancy

We can provide you with advice and support to improve the health and wellbeing of you and your child, during and after pregnancy. This includes arranging for you to have access to:

  • a health visitor
  • breastfeeding support
  • weaning groups (when your child is moving from milk to food)
  • confidence building programme
  • local playgroups and age appropriate activities

Help to stop smoking

We will put you in contact with local groups that support people who want to stop smoking.

Drugs and alcohol

If you, or your child have problems with drugs or alcohol, we will put you contact with local teams that will support you. The support you receive will vary depending on your circumstances.

Sexual health advice

We provide advice on safe and healthy relationships, including advice on how to contact your school nurse. We can also provide support if we feel that you are putting yourself at risk.

Anti-social behaviour

We will work with you, your family, local police and your school if you or your child is causing anti-social behaviour. We have teams of youth workers working in your community who will be able to help.