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Traffic sensitive streets review

This consultation gives you the chance to have your say on a review of the streets in County Durham that are designated as traffic sensitive.


We are currently looking at introducing a single permit scheme for streetworks on our roads and footpaths. The scheme will be statutory and will mean that companies carrying out works on roads and footpaths must have a permit before carrying out works.

As part of developing the scheme, we must also ensure that there is an up to date list of all streets in the county that are classed as 'traffic sensitive'. The list identifies streets that are highly used by pedestrians or vehicles and helps us to understand the potential effects that any streetworks would have on pedestrians, businesses, organisations or major events in the area.

Traffic sensitive streets

As a street authority, we may designate certain streets (or parts of streets) as traffic sensitive. This means that any work on the street will have a big impact as there is a high level of use, and anyone who wants to do work on it must give a greater amount of warning and apply for a permit to get permission.

Designation may apply to the road, footpath, verge or a combination of these. It may also only apply at certain times of day, days of the week, or days of the year.

How we decide if a street is traffic sensitive

We define a street as traffic sensitive if it: 

  • has an estimated traffic flow of greater than 500 vehicles per hour per lane (excluding bus or cycle lanes)
  • is a single lane two-way road, with a lane width of less than 6.5 metres and has a total traffic flow of more than 600 vehicles per hour
  • is within a congestion charge area
  • has more than 25% heavy commercial vehicles
  • has more than eight buses per hour in both directions
  • is on a Winter gritting routes
  • is within 100 metres of an important traffic lit junction, roundabout or gyratory (complex roundabout)
  • has a pedestrian flow rate of at least 1300 people per hour per metre width of pavement
  • is on a tourist route or within an area where international, national or major local events take place

Traffic sensitive street list

We have a list of over 800 streets in the county that are classified as traffic sensitive. 

Have your say

We want to know if our current list of sensitive streets is accurate, and if you think any streets should be added or removed.

We are particularly interested in hearing the views of local businesses, organisations and those involved in organising major events or attractions in the county. We want to know if you feel a street or area should be added to the list, why and when. Also tell us if you disagree with a designation currently on the list.

The consultation closed on Friday 31 May 2019.


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