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Reserve/renew/return books and other library items

You can borrow, reserve and renew your books and other library items online or in person at your library.

Reserve a book or library item

You can reserve items for a small fee by visiting or telephoning your local library or by using Library Online. We'll contact you once the item is available at your local library so you can arrange to collect it.

Renew a book or library item

You can renew your items by visiting or telephoning your local library or by using  Library Online. Register for our email reminder service on Library Online and we will email you to remind you that your items are due back soon. 

Return a book or library item

To make life easier you can borrow and return items at any County Durham library - they don't have to be returned to the library you got them from. See our Find a library page for a list of our libraries.  

Borrow books from libraries outside of County Durham

Your library card allows you to borrow books in person from any public library in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but you must return them to the library you borrowed them from if they are not in County Durham.

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