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Allotments consultation

We asked for your say on our revised allotment policy and tenancy agreement.

contact us for information about the results of the consultation


We have a legal duty to provide plots of land for residents to grow fruit and vegetables. We own 159 allotment sites across the county - 106 are managed by us and 53 by allotment associations on our behalf.

We are now looking to make sure that our allotment rules are standard across the county.

What are we consulting about?

What the review covers

Policy and tenancy issues

Below are the key areas of the revised documents. Note that these are not necessarily new rules, and may be existing rules that are now being enforced.

  • co-workers (someone who can register to help you with the but has no legal tenancy rights) can't 'inherit' plots from the tenant
  • animals will be restricted to hens, rabbits and pigeons and on no more than 50% of the plot
  • tenants with horses, ducks, geese or dogs will be given time to remove them
  • a requirement to have 75% of an allotment used for produce, including at least 50% for fruit and vegetables
  • restrictions on the maximum height and material of fences
  • vehicles may not be kept on allotments
  • a tenancy may be ended if criminal activity or aggressive actions occur
  • the tenant will be responsible for vermin control on their plots
  • restrictions on the number and material of buildings on a plot

Please see our Icon for pdf Allotments information sheet (PDF, 87.2kb) .

Have your say

This review will define what tenants can and can't do on their allotments, and it is important that all tenants, co-workers, waiting list applicants, residents and other interested parties have their say. ยท  

The closing date for comments was Sunday 31 March.

What happens next?

Your responses will be considered as part of the final review of the policy.

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Customer Services
03000 26 0000

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