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Adoption stories - our first Christmas

Christmas arrived a little early for us in 2013. We were matched, approved and our babies were home at the end of October.

The most amazing type of chaos

Adoption storiesWe were expecting a couple of months to settle in and find routines. No such luck! The children's feet were well and truly under the table and life with 2 toddlers began immediately. This was the most amazing type of chaos we could imagine. Before we knew it trees and decorations were up (a little higher than usual) and the glass baubles were replaced with Name and First Christmas baubles.

Matching Christmas jumpers were ordered and we booked into every family Santa experience known to man. Maybe a little over the top we admit now, but then, this was our Christmas, this was Santa bringing us what we had wanted for so long, our family.

Christmas week

Christmas week was magical, wrapping all over the place, more toys than we had room for and family face filled with such joy that we had brought these beautiful, happy children into their lives and that we were complete. Tinsel, turkey, toys and tears (of joy) until the New Year came round, we knew things would have to settle back down.

Looking back 

When I watch the Christmas movies back I fill with such emotion. In reality our first year was a blur, like any new parents' first year it's a huge change to your previous life. The kids have grown so quickly and every Christmas since that one has been just as special.

We cherish every moment and every day and wear our adoption journey proudly on our sleeves. We will inform, educate and try to prove anyone we meet that if you want to be a parent you can, and adoption works. We have never looked back on the experience with anything but appreciation for what we went through, where we ended up and what we achieved.

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