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Leisure centres go green by banning blue shoes

Published October 26, 2018 10.19am

Leisure centres across County Durham are to stop the use of blue overshoes in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

Blue shoes

Visitor to Freeman's Quay Leisure Centre in Durham with a campaign poster.

From the beginning of November, our swimming pools will be removing blue overshoes used in changing areas.

This will eliminate 2.4 tonnes of plastic from leisure centres each year.

Nigel Dodds, strategic manager for sport and leisure, said: "This is part of our commitment to reduce plastic waste across the county. Pool users are being urged to keep changing facilities clean by going barefoot or bringing along clean indoor footwear."

All 12 leisure centres are taking part in the campaign which will see the plastic overshoes eliminated by the end of November.

Going greener

As well as our efforts to reduce plastic and waste here at the council, we have lots of general tips and advice to help you go green.

Visit our reuse and recycling A-Z page for more information on what you can recycle and where different recyclables go. You can also keep up to date with with all recycling news.

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