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The government has announced further restrictions on mixing between households in any indoor setting in County Durham, in a bid to control the rising infection rates of COVID-19. Find out more about the latest measures at Indoor inter-household mixing restricted in parts of the North East

Speed Management Strategy consultation

This consultation gives you the opportunity to have your say on the proposed updates to how we set speed limits and address speeding issues within County Durham.


Speed management is a shared responsibility between us (as the Local Highway Authority) and Durham Police.

The Speed Management Strategy has been developed in partnership with the Police and sets out how speed limits are determined for public roads, and how we address speeding issues, within County Durham.

The Speed Management Strategy was updated to reflect changes in best practice and Department for Transport guidance.

What was proposed

The strategy has three objectives:

  • introduction and maintenance of appropriate speed limits
  • targeted and proportionate enforcement
  • provision of an effective process for speed complaints

The anticipated outcomes are:

  • improved respect for, and compliance with, speed limits
  • reduced incidence of inappropriate and excessive speed
  • reduced numbers, and severity, of road traffic collisions where speed is a contributory factor
  • improved quality of life for local communities

Have your say

The closing date for comments was Thursday 10 January 2019.

What happened next

Your responses were considered by both ourselves and the Police before the Speed Management Strategy was finalised. The adopted policy can be found on our Transport policy page.

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