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Knowledge and locality test for taxi and private hire drivers

Before we can approve your taxi or private hire driver application, you must pass tests on road safety and the local area (knowledge and locality tests).

You are tested on the following:

  • Road safety (knowledge test)
  • Local area (locality test)

Contact us for a copy of the guidance document - it covers the full details of what's included in the tests and examples of the questions asked.

Road safety (knowledge test)

The test takes up to 60 minutes.

You are tested on your knowledge of:

Local area (locality test)

For taxi (hackney carriage) drivers the test takes up to 30 minutes, for private hire drivers the test takes up to 45 minutes.

During the locality test you are expected to:

  • be able to use an A-Z map
  • be able to describe routes within County Durham
  • know the location of all of our Vehicle Testing Centres
  • give accurate locations of a number of landmarks within County Durham
  • describe the location of three landmarks and a route either to or from each of those landmarks
  • be able to identify, from a list, a number of areas not located within County Durham

How much the tests cost

The knowledge test is £14.00 and the locality test is £23.50.

Contact us
03000 261 016
Our address is:
  • Durham County Council
  • PO Box 617
  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH1 9HZ
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