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Disposing of commercial or trade waste legally

It is illegal to dispose of commercial or trade (business) waste at a Household Waste Recycling Centre (tip). If your waste is flytipped and is traced back to the owner, you can be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000. Find advice on what you should do to ensure you do not break any laws.

Handling commercial / trade waste responsibly

Businesses have a 'duty of care' to handle their waste safely and within the law. We can visit your premises to check that the correct procedures are being followed and together with the Police, we can check your waste carrier licence.

If you want to dispose of commercial or trade waste yourself you must register as a waste carrier. Unregistered waste carriers can be fined up to £5,000 for not possessing a licence.

Please note - if you are carrying waste which you are going to recycle you may still need to register.

What is commercial or trade waste?

Commercial or trade waste is any waste produced from a business operation including waste from:

  • repairs, alterations, or property improvements
  • construction or demolition
  • industry or agriculture

It includes waste produced by business activities run from your own home as well as waste from property rentals if you are a private landlord.

Waste from allotments is also classed as commercial waste.

Waste legislation

Your business must comply with the following:

Further information

If you need further information, you should contact the Environment Agency.