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We continue to be here to support care leavers and there will always be someone you can contact to offer advice, help and support on 03000 262 271. 

Young Person's Advisor (18+) for care leavers

Once you turn 18, your Young Person's Advisor (YPA) will become your main contact (replacing your social worker).

You should find out who your YPA is around your 18th birthday (although this may change because of your situation). You can receive support from your YPA until you are 25, but once you reach 21 you can decide if you still want this support.

What is a YPA?

A YPA is an experienced support worker who is not a social worker. YPAs have different backgrounds and qualifications, and we can make sure that we match you to a YPA who can best meet your support needs.

What will your YPA do?

Your YPA is here to help you to prepare to live independently. They can offer you advice, guidance and support after you leave care.

Your support

Your YPA will talk with you about any support you need. This support, and how you'll get it, will be written in your Pathway Plan. The amount of support you receive from your YPA will depend on your needs and what you want from them. You might, for example, need extra support because:

  • you have special educational needs or a disability
  • you are in or leaving custody or you have had contact with the criminal justice system
  • you are a young parent
  • you are going through a difficult time in your personal life

How often will you see your YPA?

You should see your YPA face to face at least once every three months but you can speak to them on the phone more often than that. You can talk to your YPA about how often you'd like to see and speak to them.

Contact us
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