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Apollo Pavilion

Named after the first manned mission to the moon in 1969 - the year the structure was built - the Apollo Pavilion is an iconic example of 1960s public art.

Apollo Pavilion

The structure was designed by the artist Victor Pasmore and marked the culmination of his work as consulting director of urban design with Peterlee development corporation. The Pavilion has undergone major restoration in 2009.

The structure, which spans a small man-made lake, is made of reinforced concrete, cast on the site. The design comprises large geometric planes of concrete with the only decoration being two painted murals. In its original form, the Pavilion provided a pedestrian link between the two halves of the Sunny Blunts Estate.

Find out more about how we celebrated the Apollo Pavilion's 50th anniversary on our Community arts in County Durham page.

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