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North Durham Assist

If you live in Stanley or Chester-le-Street, you may be eligible for support from our North Durham Assist project to help you find the job you want to do.

Fill in our online Employability Durham enquiry form to find out about help and support available for you to find a job, upskill or plan for your future if you're aged 25 or over and live in County Durham.

How we can help you

We can help you:

  • talk about your motivation, goals and current situation to identify the things you need to do to find a job
  • explore the benefits of self-employment and help you to develop your ideas
  • use services such as housing, health or money advice

Who can apply

To access the programme, you must:

  • live in the Stanley or Chester-le-Street area
  • be aged 25 or over
  • be unemployed

Contact us to find out how we could help you with your job search.

Case study

John Dufton

When John first got in touch with Employability Durham he had been out of work for a year due to his health. With his conditions under control, he decided the time was right to get a bit of help to look at his options for returning to work. John was matched to our North Durham Assist programme.

John had huge experience behind him with an extensive CV in heavy plant work, construction and civil engineering as well as supervisory experience. Whatever types of role he decided to pursue would need some refresher training and ticket renewal.

With Katherine and Emma's help John weighed up his options, together they looked at the labour market, jobs available and discussed John's own personal goals around salary expectations, job satisfaction and work-life balance and settled on a course of action: to renew his Streetworks tickets and seek work he knew well, could earn a good wage and be able to support his son in getting into the industry.

Decision made, Emma was able to source the appropriate training and book John a place on a Streetworks course using our flexible fund. She also ensured John had all the relevant paperwork and ID to access the training and overcame a problem with a delay in new cards being issued, which may have meant John couldn't start work, by securing a letter from the training provider to prove he was qualified.

John has a job offer and is just waiting for his licence and qualifications to come through so he can get started.  John is hoping to take his son on as his apprentice also.  

"The girls at Employability Durham helped me with the support I needed to attain certificates to get back in the work place. They were extremely helpful every step of the way and I am now in full time employment.

"I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling in finding a job or a new career path. I am very grateful to them."

Jill Swann

Employability case study - North Durham Assist

Jill Swann

North Durham Assist, funded through Community Led Local Development, has been able to support Durham residents in some of the more deprived areas. One client who was given continuous support throughout lockdown was Jill Swann, who was a carer for her family for several years and decided it was time to focus on herself.

Jill came to Employability Durham with a host of 'juggling skills'. She'd suffered an injury a few years back, cared for her mother and other family members and is a single mum of three children. Jill had decided that now her youngest was in full time school, it was time to look at returning to paid employment. Jill's mentor, Alison supported her in identifying her transferable skills, talking through the realities of different types of jobs, updating her CV, making job applications and interview preparation. They looked at opportunities to gain accreditation in Maths and English, something that a lot of advertised jobs asked for. Alison helped Jill to navigate the recruitment processes for the NHS, including completing applications and preparing for interview.

Jill was offered a position as a care assistant for the NHS but due to Covid-19 things had to be put on hold. During lockdown Alison continued to support Jill with preparations for starting work. This included a DBS check, medical forms and 12 online training modules that needed to be completed. Alison also supported Jill with bus travel, clothing for interviews and workwear to start employment.

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