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Burnigill Bank

Over recent years, the land to the northern side of the B6300, next to the east coast main rail line, has been impacted by landslips. This has caused cracking and damage to the road resulting in a lane closure and temporary traffic lights being required to allow road users to continue using the route.

The road is an important link to the A167 for residents and local businesses and repair work is due to start in July 2022.

The road will be closed to all traffic from July 2022 and diversions will be in place, we have chosen to commence the works over the school summer holidays as traffic is lighter at this time of year.

What work will be completed?

Major repair works are required to fix the landslip. A local contractor has been appointed to carry out the repairs which will include:

  • Excavation of the damaged road surface.
  • Installation of concrete piles to provide structural support to the embankment and the carriageway.
  • Reinforced concrete work to tie the piles together.
  • Carriageway reconstruction works to provide a safe surface for all vehicles to use.

Work undertaken so far

December 2022

Five reinforced capping beams are now complete and carriageway reinstatement works are underway on the Burnigill Bank landslip repair scheme. This will include the installation of surface water drainage, kerbs, vehicle restraint, surfacing and verge reconstruction. Work so far has included excavation of damaged road surface and installation of 184 concrete piles up to 18 metres below the existing road level to stabilise the embankment and carriageway.

October 22

Excavation of the damaged road surface got underway in July this year to prepare the area for the installation of concrete piles which will provide structural support to the embankment. The installation of concrete piles ranging between 17-20m below the existing road level provide the necessary structural stabilisation of the ground, as well as the foundation to a new reinforced concrete capping beam at ground level which ties the piles together. This will allow the new road to be constructed and the carriageway reinstated.  

A key milestone in the programme was reached at the end of September, with the concrete piles to the western wall were completed. This allowed the capping beam construction to begin with the first of two structural concrete pours for the western wall undertaken 6 October. Piles to the eastern wall have also been completed and follow on works will comprise; construction of three concrete capping beams, drainage and full road re-construction expected to commence in November. 

Burnigill - the first of two structural concrete pours for the western wall

September 2022

Major civil engineering works have been underway at Burnigill Bank since July. Work to date has included the excavation of the northern carriageway on either side of the rail bridge and the construction of temporary works platforms.  Currently the piling works to both the eastern and western retaining walls are ongoing.

Why can't the road be kept open while it is repaired?

The road has remained open with a traffic light system in place for some time now. However, it must close to allow the repair work to be completed both efficiently and for the safety of the public and operatives.

Piling rigs must be used which are very large, heavy pieces of machinery and are wider than one road lane. A temporary platform must also be built to allow the carriageway to safely support the rigs.

There is limited space on and around the carriageway. Therefore, large pieces of machinery, equipment and a substantial amount of material which is needed to complete the job must be stored directly on the road for the duration of the work.


For cars and vehicles under 4.4m (14 feet 6 inches), the A167 will divert to Neville's Cross then down the A690.

Due to a height restriction in place in Langley Moor due to a rail bridge, vehicles over 4.4m (14 feet 6 inches) must use the A167 to Neville's Cross, A690 to Stonebridge roundabout then B6302 to Esh Winning, then B6301 to Tow Law then back on the B6299 to Stockley Lane, rejoining the A690 at Brancepeth.

The following plan details the diversion route:

Image of Burnigill map

Icon for pdf Burnigill Bank roadworks diversion map transcript (PDF, 96.9kb)

We are anticipating delays along the A690 and A167 due to the displacement of the traffic from the B6300, especially on the routes toward and at the junction of Neville's Cross.

Please plan your journey to take account of the diversion route and allow extra time for travel.

How long will the work take?

The current schedule is for the retaining wall construction to be completed later this year, with re-construction of the road planned to be completed early next year.

For further enquiries, please contact us.

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