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Durham County Council

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Villa Real bridge demolition and roadworks

Essential roadworks to improve the layout of Leadgate Road, which connects Villa Real to Front Street, Leadgate, have now been completed.

Villa Real Bridge Works video

Find out about the £2.4m project to remove Villa Real bridge to ease congestion and boost the local economy.

Villa Real bridge works drone video

Latest news

The new road is now open. 

This major £2.4 million scheme involved the old Villa Real bridge (which had to be closed due to its poor condition) being demolished and the new road replacing it. Due to the narrowness of the old bridge it only allowed traffic to flow in one direction at a time causing a bottleneck for users of the route. 

The new road is a direct, two lane carriageway linking Front Street, Leadgate and Villa Real, allowing for traffic to flow in both directions. As well as the new and improved road, the scheme has also seen new bus laybys installed and crossing islands for pedestrians and cyclists using the coast-to-coast route.

Why was the work carried out?

The improvements included:

  • removing the old bridge, which was previously used by the railways and currently causes a bottleneck for users of the road.
  • removing the traffic lights, which only allowed the flow of traffic in one direction at any one time, and replacing them with a straight road, allowing the continuous flow of two way traffic. 
  • providing crossing islands for both pedestrians and cyclists, including part of the coast-to-coast cycle route
  • replacing the path that ran under the bridge
  • landscaping to reshape and improve the existing embankments
  • providing bus laybys

The removal of the bridge will also prevent the need for any future maintenance works.