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Supported lodgings

Some young people are not able to live at home and would benefit from developing their independence whilst living with a responsible adult.

Our supported lodgings scheme provides housing within people's homes for vulnerable young people aged 16 to 25 and those leaving care. the length of stay can vary from short to longer periods up to two years.

Who can provide supported lodgings?

We are looking for carers from all kinds of backgrounds. You can be:

  • single, married or divorced
  • have a disability
  • gay or lesbian
  • renting or owning your home
  • a parent with your own children
  • at home or in full time employment

We require carers to be over 21 years but there is no upper age limit, as long as you are fit and healthy.

What are the benefits of providing supported lodgings?

  • You will be paid for the support you offer.
  • You will be provided with professional training and development.
  • You will be paid rent for the use of the room.
  • You will be supported and supervised throughout the placement.
  • You will have the self satisfaction of having helped a young person develop and look after themselves.

What do I need to provide supported lodgings?

  • A spare room and a willingness to share your home with a young person between the ages of 16-25.
  • An interest and concern for the welfare of young people.
  • A commitment to treating young people with respect, care and sensitivity.
  • An ability to communicate effectively with young people.
  • Patience, compassion, understanding and a good sense of humour.

How do I enquire about providing supported lodgings?

If you are interested in becoming a supported lodgings provider please contact us.

Are there any reasons why I can't provide supported lodgings?

We require extensive references for anyone wishing to provide supported lodgings, including police checks. Only certain serious criminal convictions will automatically disqualify you.

Your questions answered

What is the difference between supported lodgings and fostering?

Supported lodgings are not regarded as providing a substantive family to the young person, but rather a way of providing practical and emotional assistance to help them develop independence skills so that they can eventually live on their own.

What I am expected to provide?

You are expected to provide a key to your home, a room , access to a bathroom, kitchen, laundry facilities and support to develop independent living skills.

What if I plan to go on holiday?

We will work with the young person and their workers to make alternative accommodation arrangements for the young person whilst you are away.

What if I smoke?

We would prefer that you don't smoke, but if you do then we would expect that you would try to discourage a young person from smoking and not allow anyone under the age of 18 to smoke in your home.

What if I have health concerns?

All enquiries are considered on an individual basis. However, as long as your health concerns are not life threatening and our medical advisors consider that they will not impact on your capacity to be an effective supported lodgings carer, then we will be happy to consider your application.

Contact us
Supported Lodgings
03000 262 272
Our address is:
  • Adult and Health Services
  • 1 York Road
  • Copelaw
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DL5 6JB
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