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Operation Spruce Up

Find out about our campaign to 'clean up' and 'green up' front streets in local communities.

What is Operation Spruce Up?

It is a fourteen month environmental programme which will  'spruce up' front streets in selected towns and villages across County Durham. These areas will see many activities take place to refresh the appearance.

What activities are involved?

Some areas will differ according to need, but in general, activities will include:

  • cleansing of road channels, gullies and weeding  
  • de-greasing of pavements and chewing gum removal
  • removal of graffiti
  • painting of street lighting columns and railings (where needed)
  • replacing of shrub beds
  • litter clearance
  • manual sweeping of areas where machinery cannot reach
  • repair and/or painting of street furniture (seating/benches) and bollards
  • pruning trees which impact upon the road, verges or pavements for safety
  • responsible business waste management education
  • environmental education - school assemblies and poster competitions to explain to children and young people the importance of environmental pride

Who is taking part?

What areas are part of Operation Spruce Up?

Programme areas will include one village or town from each of the fourteen Area Action Partnerships (AAPs) and we will work with AAPs, local councillors and town and parish councils to choose areas as the programme develops.

So far, the following areas have benefited from a 'spruce up':

What if my town or village is not chosen?

One settlement, per AAP area, will be selected to provide an equal spread across the county. Certain front streets in villages or towns will be chosen due to the current condition, prospects for improvements and opportunities to work with partners on existing schemes to join services together. We will review the programme after the initial fourteen months to decide whether to continue the scheme in other areas in 2018.

    Get involved

    Contact us to find out how you or your organisation can take part.

    Report environmental crime

    See our Street care and cleaning page to report a range of environmental crimes, including litter, dog fouling, flytipping and graffiti or contact us.

    Further information

    Please see our Civic Pride team page for more information about environmental pride.

    Contact us
    Civic Pride
    03000 26 1000
    Our address is:
    • Durham County Council
    • Chilton Industrial Estate
    • Chilton
    • County Durham
    • United Kingdom
    • DL17 0SD
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