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  • Strategies, plans and documents

    Finance, audit and legal Health and social care Children and young people (If you're having a problem reading some of the content of...

  • Health and disability services

    There are a range of care and support services available to support your disability or health needs. Find out more in this section.

  • Adult and Health Services

    Adult and Health Services works to support adult care and public health in County Durham.

  • Multi-Agency Intervention Service (MAIS)

    ...(MAIS) brings a range of agencies together to support adults who continually cause anti-social behaviour or crime in our communities.

  • HIV with HIV? Get help from individuals and organisations who understand the social and emotional issues that often go along with...

  • Severe mental disability

    If you suffer from dementia or care for someone who has a condition classed as a severe mental impairment (such as Alzheimer's) or...

  • Mental health support it changes constantly and is affected by what is happening around us. There are care and support services available to help you.

  • Residential services for children and young people

    ...offer residential services for children and young people, providing support and care for young people who cannot live at home or who...

  • Private fostering

    ...privately (without our involvement) where a child under 16 (if disabled, under 18) is cared for and lives with an adult who is not a...

  • Review looks at impact of children's homes on services

    Findings from a review looking at children's residential care homes have highlighted the need for more accurate and timely information...

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