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Durham County Council

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Home to school transport

This page gives you information on transport for children of compulsory school age to and from schools, as well as for those who are post 16.

Where does the responsibility lie for making sure a child attends school?

  • Parents have a legal responsibility for ensuring their child attends school 
  • We have a duty to provide free home to school transport where there is an entitlement

School transport policies and strategies

Full details of home to school transport are laid out in our Home to school / college transport policy (PDF, 107kb).

Find details of other school travel / transport policies and strategies.

Free home to school transport

Find out about free home to school transport for the following age groups and how to apply:

Appeals procedure

If we refuse to award free home to school transport to your child, you can appeal against our decision in writing and send it to us, together with any supporting evidence. Each case will be considered individually.

Concessionary school fares scheme

Where spare seats are available on a school bus, these can be sold to parents of children who are not entitled to free transport. This is called concessionary travel. Find out more on the Apply for a concessionary seat - schools with standard arrangements page.

Behaviour on home to school transport

Our  Behaviour on Home to School Transport Policy (PDF, 108kb) sets out the entitlements and responsibilities of children, parents, transport operators and schools. It also explains the action that can be taken when either behaviour or the transport provided does not meet acceptable standards.

There is a series of leaflets available which explain standards of behaviour:

How we use your personal information

When you submit your application for school transport, you give your consent for us to check the address details you have given on your application with council tax and electoral registration records. This is to confirm that you are resident at the property.

There are more details about how your data is used in the Privacy notice - Education Service for services to children and young people (PDF, 50kb).

Further information

If you have any queries about the information on this page, please contact us.