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Notice to Owner (NtO)

If payment of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is not received, we will send the registered owner (or hirer at the time) of the vehicle a Notice to Owner (NtO).

Details of vehicle ownership are provided by the DVLA. As the registered owner/keeper of the vehicle (or the person who was hiring the vehicle) at the time the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) was issued, the owner is responsible for payment of the Penalty Charge even if they were not the driver at the time.

If a PCN is served by post it acts as the NtO. PCNs can be issued by post if a Civil Enforcement Officer is prevented from serving the notice at the time of contravention. An NtO or PCN served by post provides a final opportunity to make a representation to us against the issue of the notice.

Representations may be made in writing using the form incorporated in the notice, or may be made online. If the owner does not pay the penalty charge or make representations before the end of the period specified on the notice, we will send a Charge Certificate notifying the owner that the charge has increased by 50%. There is no further right to appeal to us at this stage.

If you have received a Notice to Owner or postal PCN, you may be able to view any available photographs of the contravention online when you Pay/appeal against a parking fine online.

If you make a payment you may do so in one of the following ways:

  • online, using our Parking Gateway
  • by telephone, if you wish to pay by credit/debit card you can call the Parking Shop. Please have your card details, vehicle details, and PCN number ready.
  • by post, sending payment with the completed payment slip to the Parking Shop
  • in person, complete the payment slip and return it in person with your payment to the Parking Shop

Contact The Parking Shop for their opening hours.


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