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Neville's Cross Bridge roadworks

Find out about the bridge maintenance works taking place during February and March/April.


Neville's Cross Bridge carries the A167 over the north east main rail line and is used by thousands of vehicles every day. The bridge's expansion joints accommodate any movement, expansion or shrinkage caused by changes in temperature and vibration, and need to be replaced from time to time. The safety barriers protect the bridge and rail line from vehicular damage, and also need maintaining.  

What's happening?

We will be replacing the bridge expansion joints, which are essential to ensure the bridge remains safe and effective and then carry out maintenance to the bridge safety barriers.  

To minimise disruption the work will take place during the half term school holiday (Friday 9 February until Sunday 18 February) and the Easter school holiday (29 March until 16 April), when traffic is lighter. There will still be some potential delays at peak times. The work will take place in phases to prevent the need for a road closure.

How will you be affected?


Our current working hours will be overnight from 7pm until 7am.

Road users

Cyclists and pedestrians

Cycle and pedestrian access will be maintained as any work affecting the footpaths will take place on only one side at a time. 


We will return to carry out the maintenance to the safety barriers on the bridge. Further information about this work will follow.

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