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Locarbo energy efficiency project

Find out more about Locarbo - a european partnership project seeking to improve the energy efficiency of businesses in County Durham by exchanging best practice and experience.

Benefits of getting involved

lf you get involved your business can:

  • Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your business
  • Gain access to best practice and experience from a range of participating European partners
  • Share your own best practices and experience with other areas across Europe (for example, Durham will be working on a project with an organisation called Mi6 in Hungary, which will be focussed on energy efficiency and small business innovation)
  • Access information on new alternative energy technologies
  • Increase the capacity of your staff to improve your company's energy efficiency

How to get involved

You can get involved by joining our local networking group meetings in Durham.

These meetings are held twice a year, usually after meetings with European project partners have taken place, so that you can gain insight into the latest developments in both energy efficiency and small business (SME) research and innovation.

To express an interest in joining the Local Stakeholder Group in Durham please contact us.

About the Project

This European partnership project started in April 2016 and is due to run until March 2021.

The first 30 months involve developing an action plan, with the following two years monitoring the success of the project.

Funded through the Interreg Europe programme, the project is worth a total of 257,126 Euros to Durahm County Council (of which 85% is funding by European Regional Development Fund, and 15% by Durham County Council).

The project is led by the Municipality of Potenza, Italy and involves partners from Italy (Basilicata Region), Hungary (Mi6), Lithuania (University of Kaunas), Romania (Alba Iulia Municipality), Portugal (Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia), and the UK (Durham). 

Project Partner Steering Group meetings are held approximately every six months, with each partner country taking turns to demonstrate their knowledge and experience within their municipality, and share learning with project partners.

Our involvement in the project

Our involvement in the project is being led by the Low Carbon Economy Team, who will particularly focus on projects in areas that have established business energy efficiency projects. We do this in order to enhance the effectiveness of the existing European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) project we manage called BEEP (Business Energy Efficiency Project).

In these early stages of the project, partners are identifying potential good practices that might be of interest to the other project partners across Europe.

For example Durham have identified a potential link with a successful Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SME) project being established by the Hungarian partner Mi6. It is intended to form a 2-way exchange with Mi6 in Hungary in order to enhance the success of the Durham Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) scheme. 

The Locarbo is just one of our current European Partnership Grants funded projects.

In partnership with

  • EU Regional Development Fund
  • Locarbo
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