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Durham County Council

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Local Transport Plan

Local Transport Plan 3 (LTP3) is our third Local Transport Plan for the period from 2011 onwards. Like its predecessors, LTP1 and LTP2, it is a comprehensive plan prepared in accordance with Department for Transport (DfT) guidance.

LTP3 documents are now available to view or download from our Transport Library and paper copies are available to view in libraries and our Customer Access Points.
Transit 15

Work is progressing on individual schemes, so visit the Transit 15 page to see plans of the schemes as they develop, and details of any consultations. Access to the Local Transport Plan, supporting documents and other transport-related documents, is available through the Transport Library. These documents can be both viewed and downloaded.

Budget areas

The capital programme for LTP3 contains the following budget areas:

  • Economic/transport corridors
  • Maintaining the transport asset
  • Sustainable travel
  • Whole-town approach

County-wide transport planning

As part of our ongoing desire to understand how traffic flows in the county, and what impact it has, we commission travel surveys. 

Durham City

In 2015, we collected data about Durham City: Durham City Traffic Survey (PDF, 2Mb)