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Homelessness advice and support

If housing is a problem for you, it's important that you seek advice and support as soon as possible. We have developed a range of services to help you find and keep a home.

Our aim is to work with you to try and prevent homelessness if at all possible. To do this it's important that you seek advice as early as possible, before a problem becomes a crisis. 

What should you do if you are threatened with homelessness?

If you are homeless or likely to become homeless within the next 28 days, we may be able to offer you advice and assistance depending on your personal circumstances. Please contact us for further information.

Advice and assistance

Trained advisors are located in various offices around the county offering advice and assistance to help you find a solution to your problems. We can offer advice on:

  • legal advice and legislation
  • financial support
  • welfare benefits
  • support with addiction
  • relationship breakdown
  • private tenant served with a Notice To Quit
  • social housing tenants in rent arrears
  • tenants linked with employment
  • Durham Key Options - applying and registering a housing application form
  • housing associations
  • supported living
  • affordable housing
  • private rented accommodation
  • floating support

Housing Solutions prevention toolkit

We have designed a set of initiatives, known as the prevention toolkit, to help you remain in your current accommodation or assist you in finding alternative accommodation. Accommodation must be sustainable for a period of at least six months.  For further information please contact us.

  • You can check what your housing options might be by using the Durham Key Options Housing Options Wizard.
  • Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, provides advice on housing-related problems. Visit Shelter's website for more details.
  • For information on domestic abuse, please visit our domestic abuse page.
  • For tips and advice on how to help you and your family keep warm and well during cold weather, please visit our Stay warm, well and safe this winter page.

Contact details

Contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our advisors. We'll be able to talk about your situation and housing options.

What happens if I need to call someone when the offices are closed?

Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday, and from 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays. If the offices are closed, please use the out of hours number listed in contact us.

Contact us
Housing Solutions
03000 268 000

Housing Solutions (out of hours)
01388 722 538
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