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Horden Station

The development of a railway station in the east of the county has been a recognised council priority for a number of years.


Due to Covid-19, there will be a delay to the completion of Horden Station and it will not open in May as planned.

Icon for pdf Horden Station video transcript (PDF, 93.1kb)

A station will help improve transport links within this part of the county, creating an economically and environmentally sustainable solution, raising the profile of the area, as well as offering residents wider travel options and access to more employment opportunities by linking to the nearby towns and cities. It is estimated that the proposed station will serve more than 39,000 people making more than 71,000 trips a year.

The development of the station links with the wider Horden regeneration plan  - see Horden Masterplan consultation for details.

Since consultation in 2016, when more than 98% of respondents welcomed the building of the station, we have been busy taking the necessary actions to make the station become reality.

Planning permission has been approved and construction of the station began following a ground-breaking ceremony which took place on Thursday 23 May 2019, to meet the target of opening the station in summer 2020.

Work around the development has started with the roads, footpaths and cycle links being improved. The construction of the station has begun with the development of car park area. Network Rail will construct the new platforms and infrastructure for the new station which are due to be completed by spring 2020.

Once the station is complete and open in spring 2020, we will finish the work to the car park and the improvements to the adjoining roads, footpaths and cycle links.

Artists impression

Horden Station - artists impression

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