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Fitness classes

Whether you're a beginner or looking to take your fitness to the next level there's something for everyone in a GX class. Classes are designed to benefit all aspects of health and fitness and can accommodate different levels of ability from beginner to advanced.

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Book your place on one of our GX fitness classes - book a class or activity online.

Please note: some classes may have changed from the timetable advertised, please check with the relevant leisure centre before attending.

Wednesday night's pilates class at the Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre is now a one hour session. 

Why join GX?

Exercising in a group provides a fun, yet structured environment to help you achieve your fitness goals. By regularly attending the varied, vibrant and innovative GX classes you will discover that your fitness routine is more enjoyable than ever before. Our fully qualified and friendly instructors will motivate, support and advise you throughout your class to ensure your individual needs are met.

GX - classes for all fitness levels

There are three levels of GX classes to suit your fitness goals.

GX active - intensity 1-2

GX active offers a range of classes for people who are looking for fun and enjoyable starter activities. If you are brand new, returning to exercise, or have been referred by your GP, GX active classes can help guide you through your pathway to fitness. Some of the classes on offer across the county include:

  • gentle aerobics
  • gentle circuits
  • aqua aerobics
  • yoga
  • pilates prep

GX fit - intensity 2-3

GX fit offers classes for people who are looking to get fit and stay fit in a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you want to increase, or maintain, your current level of fitness, GX fit classes can help you achieve your goals. Some of the classes on offer across the county include:

  • aerobics
  • aqua Zumba
  • boxercise
  • bodypump
  • steps

GX plus - intensity 4-5

GX plus offers classes for people who are looking for a challenge. These classes are high intensity for maximum results. If you want to push your fitness to a higher level, GX plus classes can help you achieve your maximum fitness ambitions. Some of the classes on offer across the county include: 

  • boot camp
  • Metafit
  • MetaPWR
  • cycle energy
  • functional training
  • body combat

Class etiquette

We kindly request that you follow our group exercise rules to ensure all participants experience a quality class. Please:

  • book on to your class in advance as places are limited
  • arrive at least five minutes before your class starts, late attendees may be denied entry to the class
  • ensure you wear suitable clothing and footwear for your activity
  • bring a water bottle and towel to your class
  • make yourself known to the instructor if you are new to the class
  • ensure you inform the instructor of any illnesses/injuries/health conditions that could affect you safely participating in the class

Types of class

MetaPWR classes

MetaPWR is a new 30 minute high intensity workout class. The class uses power circuits, functional kit and exercise to work the muscles and boost the metabolism. 

INSANITY classes

INSANITY classes turn old-school interval training on its head. You work flat out in 3 to 5 minute blocks, at maximum capacity throughout your entire workout and keep pushing your limits so your body has to adapt.

Combat style classes

A blend of martial arts ranging from real boxing or boxing-style circuits to choreographed martial arts to music, these classes incorporate a wealth of upper and lower body moves. Combat-style classes are fun, improve cardio-vascular fitness and help de-stress the mind.

Aerobics style classes

These fun classes are designed to test the cardio-vascular system and can be routine or circuit-style, gentle or high energy. Classes focus on specific areas of fitness and are suitable for various age groups. 

Resistance classes

Resistance classes involve the use of barbells, free weights, resistance bands, fit ball or simple and effective repetitions to tone, then stabilise the major muscle groups to help with posture. There is a resistance-style class for everyone and it's one of the best ways to burn calories.

Indoor cycling classes

These challenging but fun classes bring the outdoor cycling experience indoors (minus the weather). The bikes used are the latest in design, incorporating resistance and a brake. Classes cater for beginners through to advanced. Throughout you'll be encouraged to push yourself, whether climbing a hill, maintaining your pace or approaching the finish line.

Dance classes

There are a great variety of dance classes for all ages including, street dance, line dancing, cheerleading and ballroom. Coaches break the moves down before adding music to get your body moving. Watch out for new styles, like Zumba, as they come along.

Step classes

A step style class is a great aerobics and toning workout using a step box.

Mind and body classes

Invigorate yet calm the mind with a great variety of mind and body classes:

  • Pilates is a core-strengthening, posture-correcting and inspiring session. Master its principles and exercises and you will never look back.
  • Body Balance is a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates disciplines all completed to a great music soundtrack.
  • Hatha Yoga (Sun and Moon) is a brand of yoga practised for both mental and physical health.

Aqua classes

Pool-based classes, using the resistance of the water and aerobic style moves. This is a great way to work out in a fun environment, while removing any impact on the joints. It is especially good for injury rehabilitation.

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