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Support for youngsters affected by domestic abuse

Witnessing domestic abuse is really distressing for children and young people. Find out about a new initiative to help these youngsters.

Harming effects of domestic abuse on youngsters

Children and young people who witness domestic abuse are often deeply affected. Going to school in the immediate aftermath means they will often arrive upset and unprepared and have to make their way through the school day without awareness of their situation by the teaching staff.

The benefits of sharing information

Through a new initiative called "Operation Encompass", the local police, council and schools are working together to share information about domestic abuse incidents, making sure that a key adult at school is made aware early enough to support a child or young person in the best way possible.

When will information be passed on?

Schools will receive information before the start of the next school day when:

  • Police have attended a domestic abuse incident.
  • A youngster of school age is present in the household at the time of the incident, either in the same or a separate room.
  • The incident has been assessed to be a high or medium risk incident of domestic abuse.

Designed to support existing systems

Operation Encompass does not replace existing safeguarding procedures that are already in place - it is designed to support them.

Further information

You can find out more information from Operation Encompass and Sorry's not enough.


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