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Street parking enforcement and fines

We are responsible for civil parking enforcement in County Durham.

The Traffic Management Act 2004 has allowed us to take on overall responsibility for enforcing parking restrictions within County Durham. Parking restrictions that were enforced by the police have been de-criminalised and non-payment of penalty charges can be pursued through civil procedures rather than through the magistrates' courts.

Pay/appeal against a parking fine online. (Please note that the ticket details may not appear online until 24 hours after the PCN has been issued.)

Parking attendants and traffic wardens have been replaced by civil enforcement officers (CEOs). CEOs can issue lower penalty charges of £50.00 for less serious contraventions of parking restrictions, such as not displaying a pay and display ticket, and higher penalty charges of £70.00 for more serious contraventions such as parking on double yellow lines. Both rates of penalty charges will be reduced by 50% if paid in the 14 day discount period beginning with the date the notice was served. The amount of the penalty charge depends upon the level of contravention. The aims of enforcement are to:

  • keep traffic moving (including pedestrians and cyclists)
  • improve road safety
  • improve the environment
  • improve the quality and accessibility of public transport
  • meet the needs of disabled people, some of whom will be unable to use public transport, and depend on the use of a car
  • manage the demands for kerb space


Information on the notices issued in the penalty charge administrative process:


Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside of London (PATROL) provides information on civil parking and bus lane enforcement on behalf of councils in England (outside London) and Wales. Their website offers general advice on what to do if you receive a Penalty Charge Notice. It also includes direct links to local information via council websites as well as other relevant links. 

We are a member of PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee. The committee publishes an annual statement of accounts, which is subject to external audit, and you can find these on the PATROL website.

Annual reports

Enforcement requires us to produce an annual report detailing our enforcement activities over the previous financial year. You can download the annual reports published to date:

Parking Account

Details of our income and expenditure for our Parking account for 2017/18 are attached below. Please note the figures are provisional as our final accounts have not yet been completed.  

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