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Climate change

Climate change poses one of the greatest long term risks to us and has the potential to cause widespread problems for generations to come.

Whilst the matter is obviously of global significance, it is important that we look at, and address, the issues in our area.

The science highlighting the link between man's activities and climate change is becoming stronger and early action is critical if we are to avoid the worst impacts. Even if you are not yet personally convinced by the science, it is still important to act. Issues such as the conservation of a finite fuel resource, increasing energy and food prices, and political stability are all fundamentally linked to energy supply and a changing climate.

Climate change strategy and delivery plan

Together with the County Durham Environment Partnership, we have produced a climate change strategy and delivery plan. These documents set out how we plan to tackle emissions and how we will prepare for the most likely impacts of emissions which already affect the atmosphere. The delivery plan will be regularly updated to highlight current and forthcoming work in the county. 

The County Durham Climate Change Strategy and Delivery Plan-Durham's Vision for a Low Carbon County report is available in our Cabinet agenda and minutes 15 July 2015 (agenda item 16), and its recommendations were approved.

The strategy and delivery plan can be downloaded at County Durham Environment Partnership: documents.



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