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Council tax single person discount review

We are conducting a review of all single person council tax discounts between September and December 2016.

What do you need to do?

If you receive a letter, which will come from a company called Civica who are carrying out the review on our behalf, don't ignore it - you could lose your single person discount if you don't respond.

Return the completed form confirming whether your circumstances remain the same, or provide your new details, to the address given in Pershore, Gloucestershire. 

NB Not everyone who gets single person's discount will receive a letter.

Why is the review being carried out?

Most single person council tax discounts are claimed honestly and legitimately but people's circumstances can change and they forget to tell us that their eligibility should end. The review will ensure that the information we have is accurate, both to confirm genuine discounts and highlight any potential fraudulent claims.

Who are Civica?

Civica are a company who provide a similar review service to local authorities throughout the country. They use a team of experienced council tax officers to carry out discount eligibility reviews to maximise accuracy and minimise errors.

What do they do with your data? 

Civica will use our existing council tax database and will match it with additional third party sources and specialist validation services.

The addresses of existing single person discount recipients will be passed to an agency that runs a search to match other data sources to it such as the electoral register or credit agreements. The agency then provides Civica with a list of possible adults resident at the property.

The data is held for as long as required then destroyed. No database is compiled that could be shared with or accessed by other bodies or sources. 

Questions about the review

If you have any queries please contact Civica on the helpline - 03003 301 505 or email: counciltax.reviewteam@civica.co.uk.


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