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What's proposed for 2017/2018?

This autumn, as we start to think about budgets for spring 2017, we're coming back to you with a set of new savings proposals to get your views before they are fully developed. Find out what is proposed to make the £29million savings still needed in 2017/2018.

We need to continue to make savings next year, to find new ways of working to transform our services and respond to people's needs. Each year it becomes harder to find savings that do not affect frontline services.

Watch our video where Money Matters outlines the challenges and choices facing us to set the budget for 2017 / 2018 and how you can help.

Overview of key proposals for making savings in 2017 / 2018

Continue to reduce management and back office posts, accommodation, supplies and services and increase our flexible working arrangements to achieve greater efficiencies. This will save nearly £12million and includes:

  • Service reviews across the whole council including management and back office functions
  • Reduction in non-staffing budgets including supplies and services
  • Review of staff accommodation, workshops and other facilities.

Continue to find new ways of working, smarter purchasing and effective commissioning of services, generating income, joint and regional working and investing in changes which will reduce our future expenditure. This will save nearly £12million and includes:

  • Work at a regional level to share and reduce costs for adoption services
  • Reduction in street lighting and energy costs following investment to improve their energy efficiency
  • Find new ways to deliver the adult care services which are presently provided by council staff
  • Look at future transport needs as demand for transport to day care services is falling
  • More effective commissioning of residential and nursing care services
  • Bring garden waste charges in line with other councils and increase the charge from £20 to £25 per year
  • Review commissioning of community based prevention services which support individuals
  • Work with Citizens Advice to agree a new contract which increases efficiency as well as the number of people who can access the service
  • Reduce council funding for elected members to carry out local community projects in line with the level of reduction applied to other community budgets and put emphasis on attracting match funding into the county
  • Review education support service activity budgets

Deliver those changes we've already consulted you about; as a result of these earlier decisions, we will save almost £5million through:

  • Use of eligibility criteria for adults to target our services to those in greatest need
  • Increased charging for adult care provision which brings us in line with other councils
  • Targeting youth support for those in greatest need rather than services for all
  • Offer home to school/college transport to selected priority groups in most need

Use some of our reserves to delay making some savings until 2018/19 to give us more time to work with service users and the community to develop future proposals.

Budget report in detail

You can read the budget proposals in detail at: Cabinet agenda and minutes 20 July 2016


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