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Durham County Council

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Report a problem

If you have any concerns about building work, other development activity or illegal advertisement taking place near you which you don't believe has planning permission - report it to us and we'll investigate.

Download our Planning Enforcement Complaints Form (PDF, 330kb) if you wish to complain about works near you.

We'll look into any complaint received. Reports are confidential but we'll need your details if you wish to be kept informed of the progress of your complaint. 

What do we do?

We ensure that buildings in County Durham meet planning approvals and conditions and that land and buildings are kept in a satisfactory condition.

If there is a breach of planning control, untidy land and buildings, or illegal advertisements, action will normally only be taken where there is a clear adverse impact on the area. 

What powers do we have?

We have a range of enforcement powers available to us including issuing Enforcement Notices. They outline required steps that have to be taken within a sufficient timescale. If this isn't complied with then we are able to take further action up to and including criminal prosecution.

More information

Our Planning Enforcement Protocol (PDF, 112kb) lists the steps and actions we will take.