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There are lots of places and sites to find accommodation in Durham but did you know we run the Durham Student Assured Housing Scheme? Recommended by the Students' Union and supported by the University, it will help you find rented accommodation.

You can find more information on Housing for students‚Äč - or you can download the 

The main benefits of the Durham Student Assured Housing Scheme are:-

  • Ensuring safety and security standards
  • Guaranteeing minimum room sizes
  • Providing adequate bathroom and washing facilities
  • Established complaints procedure to allow you to report any problems easily
  • Giving you peace of mind that you're making the right decision on your accommodation

Home Security

If you are living out for the first time then you are now responsible for the security of your home and belongings as well as yourself!  County Durham is a safe place to live and burglary levels in our county are low but there are always steps you can take to make your stay even safer:-

  • Get timer switches on lights and leave a radio or music playing so the house always looks occupied
  • Keep keys in a safe place well away from doors and windows and never in sight
  • Use your security locks, devices and alarms! The most expensive lock is useless unlocked
  • Most burglaries take less than five minutes from entering, searching, stealing and leaving. Always lock your door if you are out, even for a little while, and close windows too.

One of the best tips we can give is introduce yourself to your new neighbours when you move into a place. As well as getting to know them, you might also get somebody to keep an eye on your place if you are away for a weekend or for the holidays.

Our Home security web page provides more advice, tips and downloadable guides.

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