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Everybody needs a good neighbour

If you're living out on your own for the first time or with housemates then you're most likely going to be somebody's neighbour. They may not be students, they may be one or more people or families at different stages of their lives and careers.

Some may be retired and rise early to walk the dog and get a paper, some may work night shifts and come back when everyone is asleep, sleeping while everyone else is awake. Some may have young families with babies waking every four hours, hungry for a feed. 

No matter how neighbours live their lives, life is a lot easier if you get on and it's a great opportunity to make new friends and find out more from them about your new city.

There's more advice and ideas about life in Durham and being a good neighbour in the Living Out of College section of Durham University: Codes of Practice. If you are a student then you are subject to this, whether you knew it or not!

Enjoy yourself

Everybody loves music of some kind but taste and volume are both subjective. If your room or house adjoins another property directly, please keep it to a reasonable volume or finally invest in a pair of sweet noise cancellation headphones to really get the best sound. If you are lucky enough to be able to play an instrument, have a care for those of us who can't!  If you are planning a jam or full on rehearsal, ask the Students' Union if they can get you into a studio or real rehearsal space instead of your bedroom.

If you have the occasionally party, that's cool - especially if you invite the neighbours! Even if they can't make it, they'll appreciate the gesture and be more understanding of any noise if they know in advance. Keep in mind your environment - a late night party on a bank holiday weekend is one thing but regular all-nighters every Tuesday are another. If you're coming back from a night out in the week - even if you don't have to get up for a lecture until 11am - keep it to yourself. 

We all love barbecues especially if you are partial to a sausage or Quorn burger but think tactically. Have you got a place to put all the cans and paper plates before putting them in the right bins afterwards?  Which direction will the smoke be blowing in? If it will drift over your neighbours drying clothes, maybe you should move the BBQ further down the garden. 

Find out Visit County Durham: What's on in Durham as there's something happening every day of the year.

Clean neighbourhood

You can find out everything you need to know about Rubbish & Recycling in your neighbourhood including bin collection days, what goes in which bin and where the nearest recycling centre is.  

If you're sharing then make sure it's somebody's job to put the bin out on the right day and bring it in again later. You don't want to miss a collection, especially in the warmer months. 

We've also got a great new app that lets you know when the various bins are collected for your address and a lot more! Download the app.

Neighbour complaints

Everyone is different and for whatever reason, you might not get on with your neighbours and they might not get on with you. That's OK, but if things get out of hand and escalate then we, the University, or the Police might have to get involved - which is serious for everyone.

If you have an issue with your neighbours, or if they have one with you - why not talk about it first? They or you might not even know they were doing something annoying and will stop.

If somebody complains to us, we will investigate complaints about noise, rubbish or anti-social behaviour. We have enforcement powers to act if there are problems including seizing equipment like speakers or even bringing prosecutions.  If you are causing an issue then we will inform the University who will instigate their own disciplinary procedures. 

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