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Green Move Out Scheme

If you're a student at Durham University, find out how you can reduce waste and support our local charities, when you move out in the Summer.

Look out for the purple bags that we are delivering in June.

What you must do

Place any unwanted items that can be re-used into the purple bag bag, such as:

  • clothes and shoes
  • bedding
  • electrical items
  • pots and pans
  • crockery (please wrap it, if it's fragile)
  • Tins of food (in date)

Tie the bag closed and leave at the front of your property on any weekday on the dates given closer to the time.

Do not leave your bag out over night.

How to get rid of large items

If you have items that are too large to go in the bags, please contact County Durham Furniture Help Scheme to arrange a collection.

Who can use the purple bags?

If you live in, or own a house where we deliver a purple bag (for example if you're a landlord or a resident) you can still fill the bag with the above items and leave out for collection.

If there are no collections in your street

If you live in a street where no collections are taking place, you can still support the scheme:

If you live in a Durham University college

Durham University runs a similar scheme for students living in their colleges. For more information, please visit Durham University's Durham University: Green Move Out Scheme for livers in.

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