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Integrated Needs Assessment consultation

The digital revolution is changing the way many organisations use data and information. More data is available now than ever before and the County Durham Partnership (CDP) are making changes to keep pace with these developments with the proposed introduction of an Integrated Needs Assessment. Have your say on these proposals.

What is the Integrated Needs Assessment (INA)?

The Integrated Needs Assessment represents a change in the way we publish data and analysis in County Durham. For the first time, a range of strategically important data and analysis will be brought together in one place to support commissioning and local policy development.

Other factors influencing the proposals

We are making these changes within the context of shrinking public sector budgets and less overall resources. To meet this challenge we are, therefore, focused on meeting our statutory obligations as well as producing high quality analytical products covering a wide range of important issues.

What is proposed?

We propose to publish a series of web pages on the County Durham Partnership (CDP) website providing access to data and analysis previously published as annual statutory strategic assessments such as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Community Safety Strategic Assessment. In addition, the INA project will provide data and information about a range of topics reflecting the priorities of the CDP.

Concise overviews

This information will take the form of a brief factsheet containing a concise overview of a specific issue within County Durham which is relevant to commissioning and strategic policy development within the CDP. These factsheets will provide an up-to-date perspective on the topic reflecting on its importance and relevance to strategic policy development.

Continuous rather than annual assessment

Rather than being an annual assessment the INA will be a continuously available resource updated to reflect the CDP thematic strategic policy cycle. In practice, this may mean some topics are updated less often than they previously were, potentially freeing up analytical resource. Strategic summaries will continue to be made available to help focus on the key issues for the partnership. 

Information structure

We propose to organise the information as a series of topic based web pages under the following headings.

  • Strategies and Plans
  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing
  • Economy, Housing and Transport
  • Environment
  • Community Safety
  • Education, Qualifications and Skills
  • Population, Poverty and Deprivation
  • Profiles

We also propose to add some sub-county spatial aspects to provide a more local perspective on these analyses through the profiles section. In terms of future developments we are also considering proposals to provide a data mapping facility subject to demand and resource constraints to help build local level insights. 

Benefits of information being in one place

Putting this information together in one place helps build a shared understanding of the strategic needs across the partnership which could facilitate joint solutions to the strategic needs in the county. Overall we are making these changes to make better, more sustainable use of the high quality analysis the partnership produces which is more suited to the modern world and help enable informed and joined-up decision making.

Have your say - your opportunity to comment on the proposals

We know this information is useful to a wide range of our partners and stakeholders in a variety of different ways. Furthermore, we know your views are important to help shape this project in the coming months and we're keen for interested parties to feedback. The consultation provides an opportunity to comment on the proposals overall as well as the more detailed structure and content of the INA work programme.

The consultation is open until 14 July.

You can also contact us about the project if you'd like more information or to discuss further.

What happens next?

Your views will be compiled by the INA project group and we will report back on our plans in the autumn.

Contact us
Integrated Needs Assessment group
03000 265 437
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