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County Durham Plan - what's happened so far?

On this page you'll find a chronology setting out what's happened previously with the County Durham Plan (CDP).

Withdrawn version of the CDP

The withdrawn version of the CDP was submitted in April 2014 and went before an independent planning inspector for an Examination in Public in October 2014.

In February 2015 the Inspector published his interim report stating reasons why he thought the CDP could not be adopted. As such the report gave us three options:

  1. Continue the examination - but the inspector concluded that he would then probably find the plan unsound.
  2. Suspend the examination - but the inspector believed that the plan could not be rectified within a reasonable timescale and would require a significantly different plan.
  3. Withdraw the plan.

We believed that the report contained statistics and predictions put forward by the inspector which were without evidence and that evidence submitted by us was also not accepted or ignored in the report.

In May 2015, we submitted a Judicial Review to the High Court. Following our application for a Judicial Review, we reached a resolution which saw the inspector's interim report quashed and removed from proceedings. This allowed us to withdraw our plan before consulting, and then submit a new plan to be heard by a new inspector.


CDP Issues and Options 2016

In June 2016 we consulted on the first stage of the new CDP. The Issues and Options document identified the issues and options relevant to the future planning of County Durham which will develop what will become the preferred option for moving the county forward.

We ran a consultation on the Issues and Options document for 6 weeks from June 2016 to July 2016 asking questions such as:

  • What will make the area where you live better?
  • Are these the right issues we have identified in the Issues and Options paper?
  • Do we take account of your needs and the needs of your community?

CDP paused/Housing White Paper response 2017

In December 2016 we made the difficult decision to pause our preparations for the plan pending consideration of significant changes introduced through the new Government Housing White Paper.

This set back the timescales for the plan, while we considered the implications to the plan and Type=articles;Articleid=7444;Title=responded┬áto the government's consultation; on the 'Housing White Paper' and 'Planning for the right homes in the right places' papers.

Preferred Options 2018

Once we were able to fully understand the implications of the 'Housing White Paper', we were able to resume the plan, agree a new LDS and move towards the Preferred Options stage of the CDP in 2018.

This stage of the plan includes, but is not limited to, a range of policies and proposals to ensure we get the right homes in the right places. The Preferred Options will set out how much development there should be and what that development should look like which will be chosen based on the evidence we have gathered including the responses we received from the previous Issues and Options consultation.

We will be going out for consultation in Spring/Summer 2018 at which point you will be able to see and comment on the Preferred Options document.

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