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Council housing

On 13 April 2015 the management of all remaining council housing in County Durham was transferred to Housing Associations. This page gives details of who to contact now.

Following the transfer, Durham City Homes, Dale & Valley Homes and East Durham Homes are now local landlords and are all part of the County Durham Housing Group.

Paying your rent or reporting a repair

Durham City Homes

If you're a Durham City Homes tenant you can still pay your rent and report a repair online using the new Durham City Homes website.

Dale & Valley Homes and East Durham Homes

Tenants of the two former arms-length management organisations (ALMOs) can continue to use the websites as before:

Other housing providers

You can see a list of all Housing Associations, the areas they cover and other registered housing providers across the county on our Housing associations page. 


If you have a complaint about your housing you should contact your landlord.



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