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Adopting with us

Find out more about our adoption service and the help and support you can receive.

Adopt with us and you will receive help and support from our experienced professionals at every step of the process. Start your adoption journey now...

Who we help

We work in partnership with other councils in the north east, the Government, voluntary adoption agencies and adoption support agencies to provide the highest quality services to: 

  • children and young people waiting to be adopted
  • birth parents and relatives of children who are being placed for adoption
  • prospective and approved adoptive families
  • children and their adoptive families after adoption
  • adopted adults and their families

Our aims

Children are at the heart of our service and we place great emphasis on working with children and their families to promote stability, safety and security. We believe that adopted children should have an enjoyable childhood, and benefit from excellent parenting and education, enjoying a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and skills leading to a successful adult life. 

Adoption is a life-long process for all those involved - adopted adults, birth and adopted families. The issues raised by adoption can resurface at any time and we are committed to support families at any stage of their life. 


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