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Who is eligible for garden waste collections?

Garden waste collections are available to more than 190,000 properties in County Durham. On this page you will find a map of the areas covered, what criteria properties must meet to be eligible and how to appeal if you think your household should have been included.

We have recently contacted all eligible properties with details of how to subscribe for 2017 collections.

If you subscribed in 2015 for three years, we will have sent you a new sticker and collection calendar for the 2017 collection service in January, in time for the start of collections in March/ April.

Collection area

The map below gives details of the area covered by the garden waste collection service in 2017.

In the Teesdale area, garden waste is collected by Teesdale Conservation Volunteers (trading as Rotters Composting).

Property eligibility

Within the collection area there are certain eligibility criteria (listed below) which all properties must meet to be eligible for the scheme. This includes households who need help to put their bin out.

  • Each collection area/property must be easily accessible by a 26 tonne refuse collection vehicle. This includes being able to empty bins and manoeuvre (turn round) the collection vehicle easily and safely.
  • The scheme is only available to those properties with gardens that lie within the identified scheme area.
  • The garden waste bin must be stored within the boundaries of the property.
  • Collections will only be offered to properties on either an adopted or planned adopted highway.

Right of appeal

You have a right to appeal if your property has not been included in the garden waste collection scheme but you feel that it should be eligible for collections based on the criteria above. Make sure you include these reasons in your appeal.

Make an appeal about your eligibility for the garden waste collection scheme 

Please note: If you submit an appeal and it is not upheld, you may not submit any further appeals unless there has been a change in your circumstances.


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