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Garden waste collections FAQs

Find more information about our garden waste collection service and answers to questions you may have.

The service charge

Why is there a charge for garden waste collections?

In 2011, the Government introduced spending cuts and we must save £260 million between 2011 and 2020. Due to continuing financial pressure, we must charge a fee for the garden waste collection service to ensure that it can continue.

Why has the price for the service increased in 2019?

We are under continuing financial pressure as a result of Government austerity and we need to increase the revenue to ensure that the service can continue. The price for 2019 is £35.


When is the last collection for 2019?

The last collection for garden waste is November, your collection calendar will provide details of you last collection day. You can also check MyDurham for details of your collection day.

When can I subscribe to the 2020 scheme?

Details of the 2020 scheme will be announced in late 2019.

How do you know I've paid my subscription?

We keep a record of your payment for the time period of your subscription. This information is also logged on the electronic system in the garden waste collection vehicle. The bin sticker on your garden waste bin will also show the collection crews you have paid for the service.

I don't have a lot of garden waste. Can I share a garden waste bin with one of my neighbours?

Yes, you can share your garden waste bin, however we accept no responsibility for personal agreements made between neighbours. We will need the address of one of the properties to log on our system when payment is made and this is the property we will communicate with about the service. That same address will need to be written on the sticker to be attached to the bin and the bin must be placed outside the property which has subscribed to the service.

Why isn't my garden waste collected all year?

We don't provide a garden waste collection service in the winter months as there is less garden waste produced. However, there are other ways to dispose of garden waste when the service is suspended.

I have lost my garden waste subscription letter; can I request a replacement letter with my unique garden waste reference number?

If you have lost your garden waste subscription letter, you can request a replacement through by filling in our garden waste enquiry form or Contact us


Why do I need a sticker/my address on the garden waste bin?

The sticker and address identifies that your property is subscribed to the garden waste collection service. We will not be able to empty your bin without the sticker on the bin. Your address will also make it easier for bin crew to return your bin to the right property.

What type of pen should I use to write my address on the sticker?

You can use a biro or a permanent marker.

Why do I need to put the sticker on the back of the bin underneath the handle?

As you must put your bin at the kerbside with the handles facing forward, the bin crew will be able to see the sticker quickly and easily.

Will I get a replacement bin sticker if it gets lost or damaged?

We will replace stickers free of charge for any property which has already subscribed to the garden waste collection service. Fill in our garden waste enquiry form or Contact us if you need a replacement sticker.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

If you change your mind, you have 14 working days, from the day following payment, to cancel your subscription. There are no refunds after this period. You must contact us to cancel the service in writing. Please include the reference 'garden waste cancellation' and include your eight digit garden waste reference number and contact details. 

Garden waste bin

What do I do if my garden waste bin is stolen?

Fill in our replacement bin form or contact us and we will arrange a replacement. There is a charge of £20 for replacement garden waste bins. This contributes towards the cost of the purchase of the replacement bin, the administration and the delivery of the bin. A wheeled bin which is lost/stolen for a second time within a rolling calendar year will be provided free of charge.

What can I put in my garden waste bin?

See the information on our what goes in which bin page to find out what you can and cannot put in your garden waste bin.

Why can't I put food waste, pet waste, soil, pots or growbags into my garden waste bin?

Kitchen waste must not be put into your garden waste bin. This is a legal restriction, introduced after the BSE (mad cow disease) crisis, to prevent the spreading of bacteria. The garden waste collected is composted in the open air on a number of 'on farm' composting sites. Contamination from kitchen and animal waste can cause widespread distribution of bacteria, leading to outbreaks of diseases such as BSE or foot and mouth disease.

Animal waste must not be put into your garden waste bin, for the reasons explained above. Instead, please double-bag dog and cat waste and put it in your rubbish bin. Bedding and waste from vegetarian pets can be composted at home.

Soil attached to roots is not a problem, but large amounts of soil make the bin extremely heavy and difficult to empty. You can take any surplus soil to one of the household waste recycling centres (tips).

Plastic and pottery cannot be composted. Please reuse where possible or dispose of these in your rubbish bin or at a household waste recycling centre

What happens to my garden waste once it has been collected?

Garden waste is delivered to one of a number of composting sites in or around County Durham. The large scale sites enable faster composting which reaches high temperatures. The garden waste is first shredded then stacked in long piles, known as windrows, which are regularly turned to produce compost. The process is monitored and closely managed to quality standards. Compost is then spread to land.

We pay for every tonne of garden waste sent to farm composting facilities rather than for disposal (via energy from waste). This is known as a 'gatefee'.

What if I decide I no longer want my garden waste bin?

You can contact us by phone 03000 26 0000 to arrange for us to collect your bin from your property. Please place it at your collection point on the agreed collection date. Please note, if you decide at a later date to join the garden waste scheme, and need a bin, there will be a £20 charge for a replacement bin.

Collection of garden waste

Where do I put my bin for collection?

Place your bin at the kerbside of the boundary of your property by 7.00am on your day of collection. Please ensure the sticker is facing towards the road so the collection crews can see it. 

If your property has been identified as having special circumstances for collection, you should place the garden waste bin at the agreed collection point by 7.00am on the specified collection day. We will inform you if special circumstances apply to your property. 

What if I need help with my bin?

Help is available upon request for eligible properties that don't have special collection circumstances. If you already receive help from us with your bins and are eligible this scheme, you will automatically get help with your garden waste bin when you subscribe.

Will you collect additional garden waste if I can't fit it in the bin?

No, we won't be able to collect any additional waste which is placed next to or on top of your garden waste bin.

I currently receive help to put my bin out. Will I continue to receive this for garden waste collections?

If you subscribe for garden waste collections and you have already registered for help to put your bin out, our staff will move your garden waste bin for you.

What happens if my garden waste bin isn't emptied on the scheduled collection day?

Please check that you've put your bin out at the correct time (by 7.00am) and you've followed the correct procedures. Find out more, including how to report it, on our missed bin collections page.

Moving house

What happens if I subscribe for garden waste collections and then move house?

If you move house, you must leave the garden waste bin at the property. The garden waste collection service is not transferable. The payment made is for the collection service at the property and is not refundable.

How do I find out if the house I have moved into has subscribed to the garden waste collection service?

You can check by entering the postcode of the property into MyDurham, or by using the address checker in our garden waste subscription form.

I have moved into a property which is already subscribed to the garden waste collection service but the bin is lost/stolen. Can I get a replacement garden waste bin?

Yes, fill in our replacement bin form or Contact us to arrange a replacement bin. There will be a £20 charge for the bin and you will be eligible for the remaining collections for the current year (April to November). 

Disposing of garden waste

Can I put garden waste in my rubbish bin?

We recommend that you don't place your garden waste in your rubbish bin because your bin will soon fill up and you won't have room for the rest of your household waste. Overloaded and heavy rubbish/recycling bins will not be emptied. It is better for the environment to compost your garden waste, either at home or by taking it to one of the household waste recycling centres.

Can I burn my garden waste?

It is not illegal to have a bonfire but you must not cause a nuisance or endanger your neighbour's property.

It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to cause a statutory nuisance, and this includes nuisances created by bonfires. A smoky bonfire may well cause a nuisance if it prevents people from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging out washing. The smoke and fumes created can affect air quality and can be damaging to health in the longer term.

We can issue an 'abatement notice' under Section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 if your bonfire is causing a nuisance. You can be fined up to £5,000 if you don't stick to the notice.

Still got a question?

If you've got a query not answered here, then please contact us.

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