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LTP transport library

This library contains links and documents supporting the Local Transport Plan and other transport related documents.

Local Transport Plan 3 (LTP3)

LTP3 assessments

As part of the development of LTP3, the following assessments were carried out:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment

Further details of these can be found on our LTP3 assessments page. Documents relating to LTP1 and LTP2 can be found on the previous Local Transport Plan documents page.

County Durham Freight Map

The County Durham Freight Map shows the designated road network that heavy goods vehicle drivers are expected to use to access freight destinations within the county. The purpose of the map is to ensure as far as possible that heavy lorries travel on roads that are appropriate, reducing environmental impact on less suitable routes and to people living alongside these routes.

Rights Of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP)

The second ROWIP entitled 'Paths for People' was published in August 2011 and covers a three year period up to 2014. The plan briefly reviews ROWIP1, sets out the context for ROWIP2 and then details themes and projects with actions to be delivered in the Implementation Plan.

Highways Maintenance Management Plan

As the Highway Authority, we have a responsibility for the maintenance of all adopted roads within the county. The process behind how we fulfil this responsibility is detailed in our Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP) which is updated on an annual basis. The latest version of the HMMP can be viewed on our Road maintenance page.

Durham City Travel Study

In 2006, we were successful in being awarded Transport Innovation Funding (TIF) from the Department for Transport (DfT). As one of only a handful of successful bids nationally, this funding helped expand the knowledge of transport issues within the framework of Durham City Vision.

The study examined current and future transport problems and considered a number of options for change, including extending the existing congestion charge, greater use of Park and Ride and infrastructure options such as the northern relief road. The report gives further details of the options considered and the transport effect of each. While some options such as congestion charging and the inner relief road have now been discounted, others will be reviewed as part of the consideration of the Local Development Framework.

Durham relief roads

Studies have been carried out to assess the possible routes for both the northern and western relief road proposals in the event these schemes become viable. These can be found on the County Durham Plan evidence library page.

Accessibility and parking guidelines

The guidelines have been devised to help developers draw up proposals that conform with national and strategic policy in providing for access and reducing reliance on the private car. Regard will be given to road safety and potential traffic management problems when applying these guidelines. They are designed to encourage the more sustainable modes of travel, which are walking, cycling and use of public transport.

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