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Taxi ranks and tariffs

Information on where and how taxi ranks should be located and how much fares should be.

Taxi ranks

A taxi rank is recognised by bay markings and the word 'TAXI' painted on the road surface or on signs adjacent to the carriageway. Single and double yellow lines and kerb markings indicating loading restrictions may also protect the rank.

Ideally, taxi ranks should be located adjacent to railway, bus and coach stations, tourist attractions, retail areas, places of employment and entertainment/leisure centres. Ranks should be sited so that passengers board or alight from the taxi onto the footway on the nearside of the vehicle. Ramps and steps should only be used for access via the nearside passenger door.

Where taxi ranks are arranged on the offside of the road, a pick-up and drop-off point nearby on the opposite side should be identified for wheelchair passengers.

Durham City taxi ranks

We recently reviewed the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) that is in place in the Claypath area of Durham City. 

For more information about taxi ranks, contact our Parking Services.

Taxi fares and tariffs

We are responsible for setting maximum fares in taxis. Taxi companies or drivers can set lower fares and offer special discounts if they choose but are unable to charge more than the current maximum.

Each taxi should have their tariff (fare) sheet clearly displayed within the vehicle. It can usually be found on the passenger side dashboard or windscreen.

How and when are fares increased?

If the taxi trade want to increase fares above the current maximum amount they must submit a proposal for a change to the table of fares to us.

Details of any proposed fare changes, and the date they will be introduced, will be advertised in local newspapers and on this website. Anyone who objects, or has any comments on the change, should write to us. Comments received will be considered before a final decision is reached. If no objections to the proposal are received, the new table of fares automatically comes into force on the date stated.

How often can fares be increased?

Increases will be at least 12 months apart.

For more information about taxi fares, contact our Licensing section.

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