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New Roads and Street Works Act

This information is for use by utility companies and their contractors to help co-ordinate roadworks within County Durham. It contains information specific to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The New Roads and Street Works Act, and the Traffic Management Act have placed a greater emphasis on minimising the disruption caused to road users by street works. The Acts outline the need to co-ordinate works to reduce the effect on the travelling public.

We are the highways authority responsible for co-ordinating roadworks on the county's road network. Along with Darlington Borough Council, we are members of the North of England Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (NEHAUC). The committee provides a forum for highway authorities and statutory organisations (including gas, electricity, water, sewerage, telecommunications and other utility companies) to discuss and review topics of mutual concern and interest.

NEHAUC uses the slogan 'Working together for the benefit of highway users', which describes the positive and constructive attitude that exists between its members.

Representatives meet three times a year to discuss issues and agree working practices.

Co-ordination meetings

All work being carried out by highways authorities and utility companies in County Durham and Darlington Borough is co-ordinated at regular meetings. Utility companies that would like to be represented at these meetings should contact our Traffic and Streetworks Manager on 03000 263 690.

Meetings 2018                                                                                                             

Date and timeLocation    
Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 10.00amCommittee Room 1A
Wednesday 8 August 2018 at 10.00amCommittee Room 1A
Wednesday 31 October 2018 at 10.00amCommittee Room 1A

List of contacts

Durham County Council

Street works notices03000 267 100 
Street works coordination (East)03000 265 288
Street works coordination (West)03000 263 686
Road closure TTROs03000 267 095
Section 50 Licences03000 267 102
Traffic signals (permanent)*03000 267 088
Bridges and structures*03000 265 272 / 269 264 
Street lighting*03000 268 113
Public transport03000 268 522
NEHAUC representative03000 263 690

*Out of hours, contact 03000 26 0000.

Darlington Borough Council

Department of Development Services
The Beehive
Lingfield Point

Function TelephoneFax
Highways network management01325 388 79601325 388 724
Street works coordination01325 347 46601325 388 724

Local Street Gazetteer

Unique Street Reference Numbers (USRN) for noticing purposes are maintained on the National Street Gazetteer. The USRN for a particular street can be obtained by using our map.

For any queries relating to streets that have no USRN, please contact Network Management on 03000 267 100.

Temporary road closures

If you would like to temporarily close a road for the purposes of street works or for an event, the appropriate forms and further information is available on the application for Application for temporary road closures page.

Road opening permits

Contractors wanting to excavate a highway for trial holes need to apply for a road opening permit. A copy of the application form and regulations are provided below.

Please read the regulations to determine if a road opening permit is required before submitting your application.

Temporary traffic signal application forms

Any contractor wishing to place temporary traffic signals on a highway should use the following application form. Please read the attached guidance notes before completing the form.

Please note, where temporary traffic signals are required in an emergency, you must contact us at the earliest opportunity. A temporary traffic signal application form should be completed and submitted as soon as possible after the initial contact. If the emergency occurs out of office hours, the Highways Action Line must be contacted using the details provided.

Section 50 Licences

If you would like to install apparatus beneath the highway (gas pipes, drainage connections, electric connections etc.) a licence will be required. A copy of the application form and guidance noted are provided below:

Part N and Part R notice forms

These forms are for use by contractors to inform us about works they are carrying out. The Part N form is for advance notification of works being carried out, and also for when work begins on site. The Part R is for registration of the works after completion.

Contact us
Customer Services
03000 26 0000
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