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The business benefits of developing a workplace travel plan

An effective travel plan has many benefits for companies, as well as individual employees.

A smart choice

Many organisations have maximised performance in areas such as production and purchasing - but don't realise that significantly greater business efficiency can also be found in the way their people travel.

Travel planning can be applied to all businesses and organisations whether public or private, located in rural or urban areas and regardless of whether they are engaged in manufacturing, office or service type work. It's clear that good travel planning is the smarter commercial choice.


Cost savings for your business

Effectively managing your organisation's journeys will reduce costs associated with business travel (including staff expenses, car park charges, and fleet management costs), saving your organisation money and time.

Supplier efficiency

By streamlining suppliers you will be able to save money and reduce congestion. Corporate social responsibility is also enhanced by using local suppliers; this not only supports the local economy but also reduces the number of miles travelled associated with deliveries.

A more attractive employer

Providing and encouraging sustainable travel options will help you improve staff retention and recruitment by making your organisation even more employee focused. By positively supporting your employees' needs, they will be more satisfied and more productive.

Smarter working

Some companies may be able to reduce the need to travel altogether by encouraging home working, remote working, and teleconferencing. Ultimately this may reduce the amount of commercial space you need to accommodate your workforce.


Green issues are at the top of the political agenda and an effective travel plan can help an organisation to meet carbon reduction targets.

A healthier, more productive workplace

Promoting active travel options such as walking and cycling will improve the motivation, health and fitness of your employees - this improves productivity and reduces sickness absence too.

More travel options for your business

By promoting greater travel choices, you'll enhance your business prospects by giving employees, visitors and customers more ways of reaching you.

Be an employer of choice

Travel planning helps to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, you'll build a better reputation with staff, and across your local community.

Reduce congestion

An effective travel plan will help alleviate car parking pressures at your site and on the roads around our organisation. By helping to reduce traffic congestion your organisation will be seen to be a caring neighbour in the community and improve access for key movements such as deliveries.

Encourage local recruitment

For some organisations, it is important that they are seen to be actively recruiting from the local work force. Through the promotion of measures to encourage staff to walk and cycle (which, by definition, tend to be most suitable for shorter journeys) it is likely that the business will more easily attract workers from within the local area who can access the site on foot or by cycle.

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