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Council tax discounts

Council tax bills generally assume that there are two or more adults living in a property. However, there are a range of discounts available.

Single person discount

If you are the only person, aged 18 or over, who is solely or mainly resident in a property, we can give you a single person discount of 25%.

If you think you may be entitled to a discount, download and complete the single person discount form.

Icon for pdf Single persons council tax discount form (PDF, 42.2kb)

If you'd like to apply for a single person discount due to a recent separation, please complete the following form instead:

Icon for pdf Single persons recently separated council tax discount form (PDF, 72.4kb)

Family annexe discount

From 1 April 2014 a new family annexe discount has been introduced. A 50% discount would apply if the annexe is used by the occupier of the main building or a member of his/her family. Please contact us for more information. 

People not counted (disregarded) when calculating council tax

There are certain groups of people who are not counted when deciding how many people live in a property which could have an affect on how much council tax you pay.

  • full time students, student nurses, apprentices and youth training trainees
  • patients resident in hospital
  • people who are being looked after in care homes
  • people who are severely mentally impaired
  • people staying in certain hostels and night shelters
  • 18 to 19-year olds who are at, or have just left, school
  • care workers working for low pay, usually for charities
  • people caring for someone with a disability who is not their spouse, partner, or child under 18-years-old
  • members of visiting forces and certain international institutions
  • members of religious communities (e.g. monks/nuns)
  • people in prison (except for non-payment of council tax or a fine)
  • non-British spouses of students
  • people with diplomatic immunity
  • persons in respect of whom child benefit is payable.

What if a discount is no longer applicable or should not have been granted?

Failure to notify us that a discount should not have been granted or that it is no longer applicable could lead to financial penalties being applied to the liable person concerned in addition to the disregard being revoked. See our Report changes affecting your council tax page for more information.

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