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Durham County Council

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Journey times

The following table shows the current available live journey times for roads around Durham.

Last Updated: 26 April 2017, at 8.50am

Journey Times
RouteTravel TimeStatus
A690 Meadowfield to Durham City Centre17 minutesModerate Congestion
A691 Witton Gilbert to Durham City Centre16 minutesHeavy Congestion
A167 Sunderland Bridge to Durham City Centre12 minutesHeavy Congestion
A181 Sherburn Road to Durham City Centre12 minutesHeavy Congestion
A690/A1M Carrville to Durham City Centre10 minutesHeavy Congestion
A177 Bowburn to Durham City Centre10 minutesNormal
A690 Durham City Centre to A690/A1M Carrville7 minutesNormal
A167 Hermitage roundabout (Chester-le-Street) to A1M Washington Services5 minutesNormal
A1M Washington Services to A167 Hermitage roundabout (Chester-le-Street)5 minutesNormal
A167 Thinford to A167 Chilton (Southbound)4 minutesNormal
New Elvet to Durham City Centre2 minutesNormal
Durham City Centre to New Elvet2 minutesModerate Congestion
A167 Thinford to A167 Sunderland Bridge (Northbound)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
A688 Thinford to A1M BowburnData Unavailable Data Unavailable
A167 Chilton to A167 Thinford (Northbound)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
A693 Blind Lane (Chester-le-Street) to A1M Washington ServicesData Unavailable Data Unavailable
A693 Drum Lane to A1M Blind Lane (Chester-le-Street)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
A167 Sniperley roundabout (Durham) to A167 Hermitage roundabout (Chester-le-Street) NorthboundData Unavailable Data Unavailable
A167 Sunderland Bridge to Sniperley roundabout (Northbound)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
A167 Hermitage roundabout (Chester-le-Street) to A167 Sniperley roundabout (Durham)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
A690 Meadowfield to A167 Sniperley (Northbound)Data Unavailable Data Unavailable
Durham City Centre to A167/A691 Sniperley roundaboutData Unavailable Data Unavailable
A167/A691 Sniperley roundabout to Durham City CentreData Unavailable Data Unavailable