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Monitor and reduce your household energy usage

Change your habits and start saving energy and money now!

Energy saving advice

There's plenty of practical advice to help you reduce your household energy usage on the Energy Saving Trust website. Much of it is easy to include in your daily routine.

Or you can download our leaflet  Icon for pdf How to lower your energy bills (PDF, 2.4mb) .

Are you getting the best deal from your energy supplier?

Shopping around can save you up to £200 on your gas and electricity bill.  For an easy and impartial guide from Ofgem, the energy regulator, visit the Go Energy Shopping website.

Energy monitor loan scheme

You can borrow an energy monitor for free, just like a library book, from any of the county's libraries. This will help you manage your energy use more effectively. The monitor will show you:

  • how much energy you are using in your home at any time and how much it costs,
  • how energy use increases when you use certain appliances such as the kettle or an electric shower,
  • whether you've left anything on before going out or going to bed.
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