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Durham County Council

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Finding your way around our website

Information about ways to help you navigate round our website.


The site is split into 4 main sections which are based on our audience. These are:

  • Business
  • Council
  • News
  • Residents

Within each of these sections, we have broken the information up into topic areas, with the most popular pages at the top of each area.

The breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail is a set of clickable links that allows you to trace your location within the structure of our website. It also tells users who join the website from a search engine where they have come into our site. As a user moves through the website, a link is added to the breadcrumb trail at each level. The breadcrumb trail is located at the top of every page and looks something like this:

Home > Health and Social Care > Disabilities > Learning Disabilities


This provides an alphabetical list of the services we offer, from abnormal loads through to white line testing.

Quick search

There is a search box located at the top of every web page on the site. Simply place your cursor in the box and type in your chosen keyword or words, press the return (or enter) key and the site will perform a search for your keywords.