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Warm Up North - Energy Company Obligation

Transform your home with energy saving improvements like central heating or double glazing.

The government's new scheme can help private homeowners, rented property owners and those on low incomes, meet the upfront costs of making their properties more energy efficient.

A local partnership, Warm Up North, has been set up to help deliver the scheme across the North East.

Additional financial support - Energy Company Obligation

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) exists to help those households who are either:

  • Low income households, in receipt of a specified qualifying benefit. They may also qualify for free central heating boiler and insulation measures.
  • In properties which have solid walls.

Grant funding is available to subsidise the cost of installing energy efficiency measures. This is not linked to being in receipt of any qualifying benefit.

If you think you might qualify for extra support, contact Warm Up North.

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