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Helping your child get the most out of playing a musical instrument

The musical success that your child will be able to achieve bears a great relationship to the amount of help and encouragement you give them. This page offers you advice to help them be successful in music.

The number of hours they practice is a key factor in a child's musical success, rather than the amount of musical ability.

So, how can you help?

Remember, you don't have to be musical to support your child. Just follow these easy steps to help them on the road to success:

  • Ensure your child takes their instrument to school for their lesson on the correct day each week.
  • If their lessons are on a rota, ask your child if they know what time they should attend.
  • Listen to your child practicing as often as you can, and ask them questions about what they are doing and the pieces they are playing.
  • Ask your child what they did in their lesson and what they are expected to achieve by the next lesson. This will help them to remember and reinforce new concepts and materials.
  • Have a routine: try to have a time set aside for your child to practice each day, and again try to listen to them and spend time with them.
  • Try to make practice fun and stop when your child loses interest.
  • Daily practice, even a short time, is better for your child than one long session just before their lesson. Ten minutes may be enough for a young child. The teacher will be able to give guidance on this.
  • 'Doing your practice' might not seem very appealing to a child. Talk about playing rather than practicing - this could be more meaningful and encouraging to your child.
  • Many instruments sound far from beautiful when played by a beginner. Children need all the praise and encouragement that you can give them. Make your child feel that you are enjoying their music, and be tactful about any imperfections. Don't expect too much in the early stages.
  • Ask your child to make up some music off the top of their head using some of the notes that they know. They may have done this in a lesson, but could feel less nervous about trying it at home. This will help your child be creative, and also avoid any worry about playing 'wrong' notes.
  • Please complete any practice record sheets that are given to you by your child's teacher.

Good luck!

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